Frequently asked questions

Do you need to have been at Nottingham or Loughborough Universities to join the Club?

Absolutely not although we have really strong links with both at the moment which is great as they obviously produce such good players. However we have had groups of mates come from Warwick (the Original 3s), Manchester (Joe Sillett and co), Sheffield (Andy Cattell – previous 4s Captain), Birmingham and recently Kingston etc etc so the more the merrier is the message – basically you will get a university style Club when you get here plus the very valuable bonus of lots of employment opportunities… We also take thickos like Appsy who never darkened an educational establishment in his life and unbelievably it all seems to work pretty well. In other words if you’re good enough and a good lad, you’ll love it wherever you come from.

How do I join Nottsborough?

Loads of contact details elsewhere on this website so just get in touch and we’ll get you down to training asap and arrange a lift if we can. We’re pretty good at making new players feel welcome although of course with a successful club there is no guarantee of walking straight into the first team!

How many sides do Nottsborough run?

Six, including two vets teams, one of which doesn”t play in a league, just cups and friendlies. The top 4 teams all play in the SAL and various cups. In any normal year however we would use c 80-100 players so don’t get put off by there “just” being 4 teams…

Where do you play?

Our home ground is affectionately known as Fortress Tolworth and is the Kingston University ground at Tolworth. See the map below – basically it’s great for anyone living south of the river and actually not too bad for those living north because of the direct train from Waterloo. We actually have quite a lot of guys who live north of the river and they always smile when we play one of our many games oop north…

What are the facilities like at Tolworth?

The pitches are frankly brilliant and the groundsman does a fantastic job to keep them that way right through the season. Kingston Uni has just been awarded a £1m grant from The Football Foundation so in 4 years time we will have absolutely state-of-the-art changing facilities and a floodlit hard court. For now we have floodlit training on grass (pretty unique at this level) and OK changing rooms and showers. There is a bar next to the ground but as the students are so untrustworthy to tip up to open it we prefer to use the Deckers club next door which is a tip top clubhouse to be fair.

How much does it cost to play?

As mentioned elsewhere on the site, the Club is entirely self-financed so with pitches at over £100 a go and training not far off that, we have to charge an amount that allows us to cover our costs. From this season this full amount will be £200 for the season and £5 per match but we are keen to stress that we will reduce this by as much as is deemed necessary for those who don’t have the financial security of those who may have been working in London for a longer period. Over the years this has worked very well and fairly. Chat to the Chairman if you have a fair request for a reduced rate – never been rejected yet.

What is the standard of football like?

At 1st team level we are not afraid to say that this is in effect semi-pro level without the pro element so pretty good, although we only train once a week. The 2s, 3s and 4s are pretty much like an average University’s 1s/2s/3s although clearly our Loughborough brethren would just scoff at the suggestion… Anyone over 40 who can kick a ball and run for 75 minutes is invited to join the Vets…. Although last year we reached the AFA Semi in the Open Cup and only lost with the last kick of extra time to the eventual winners…

If you are perceived as a University team do you get kicked to sh*t every weekend by annoyed EastEnders?